• Private on-demand charter flights service in Metro Washington, D.C. area.
  • Worldwide Charter & Management
  • No contracts or expensive jet cards
  • Flexibility, Reliability & Convenience


Exclusive Attention.

Our flight schedulers infuse years of experience and knowledge to provide an unsurpassed level of service. Conformity, both to the FAA and our operational certificate is the main goal of Skynet and the operations department is integral achieving that. Safety and regulatory compliance, our foremost responsibility, enable our customers to enjoy the assurance that our aircraft, crew and trip preparation are of the highest standard.

Security For Passengers and crew

Safety and Security are the foundation of our services and our first priority. This extends from the first time you board our aircraft until you are safely at your final destination.

In-flight Services

Offering service 24/7 allows us to be an extension of your own Flight Department, available when you need us. We ensure all catering and passenger amenities are in place for your flight.

Crew Scheduling & Supervision

As a certified FAA Part 135 operator, Skynet not only provides scheduling and dispatch service; we operate the aircraft and oversee every aspect of your travel experience. We are an all encompassing department and therefore take great pride in the job we do for each customer aboard our fleet.

Aircraft Scheduling

Our team monitors the aircraft schedules and pre-plans downtime for maintenance to make the most efficient use of your aircraft.

Passenger & Crew Ground Transportation

We arrange ground transportation and your hotels whenever and wherever needed.

Current Fleet

Aircraft For Sale