• Private on-demand charter flights service in Metro Washington, D.C. area.
  • Worldwide Charter & Management
  • No contracts or expensive jet cards
  • Flexibility, Reliability & Convenience

Why Charter


Charter aviation clients are granted unique access to airports worldwide. For example, in the US, charter aviation clients can access over 5,000 airports where as commercial aviation customers have access to around only 500 airports.


Dispatch Reliability

Skynet prides itself in its more than 99% dispatch reliability rating. This means that when your schedule matters (and when doesn't it?), charter aviation is statistically more reliable than other means of air travel.

Schedule Predictability

Given that 3% of commercial flights are canceled and over 25% are delayed, your schedule is ultimately at the mercy of numerous external factors. Additionally, with such high cancellation and delay rates, missed connections often add to already hectic travel days.
When the future of your business depends on making your scheduled meeting or appearance, charter aviation is always the best choice. And to make sure you're there as on time as possible, our professional, 24/7/365 charter department is standing by to see you from quote initiation to your needs on the ground at your destination.


When prescheduled routes and departure times aren't congruent with the needs of your business on the ground, charter aviation can help you reach multiple destinations quickly and efficiently.


  • Arrive to the airport and immediately board your aircraft, with no delays.
  • Avoid connecting flights that prevent you from accomplishing your business all in one day.
  • Make multiple visits to clients in different cities and return home refreshed the same day, in time for dinner with the family.
  • Drive right up to your aircraft and your luggage is immediately and carefully loaded onto the aircraft for you.
  • No worries about your luggage being lost on a private aircraft.
  • Equipment that you’d never risk on an airliner can be safely transported by private aircraft.
  • Pets can fly in the cabin with you and, in most cases, can sit on your lap or at your feet without a pet carrier.
  • Elderly passengers and those needing special assistance find that traveling by private jet relieves the stress and uncertainty that comes with connecting flights when traveling by airlines.

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